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Regardless of what you do in the wellbeing space, social media is no longer a nice-to-have for a business. It is a need-to-have. And it needs to be done well, with strategy and integrity.

Executive coach seeking senior-level clients to boost their performance and resilience? Or a holistic centre offering complementary treatments or counselling? An organisation that sells wellbeing strategies and workshops into companies?

Whatever type of wellbeing business you run, your customers and potential customers will be on social media. There are now over 2.307 billion active social media users worldwide (source: SmartInsights).

Your competitors are on there too. A whopping 81% of small/medium sized businesses are on social media. And 94% of them using it for marketing and outreach purposes (source: Mashable).

But it’s not enough just to be there – you need to stand out from the crowd.

Social media

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