Want to turbocharge your social media content as a coach or counsellor? Curated content is the answer. It’s a power boost that is easy and fast – and it ticks the boxes for engaging your followers and attracting new people.  So, why is curated content so powerful for coaches?

Your audience on social media is looking for great content.  But creating content can take a lot of time and energy. That’s a problem for many self-employed coaches and counsellors who juggle competing demands on their time and energy. It’s why curated content is such a good bet for coaches who want to provide top-quality posts and tweets. You can find other tips for coaches on how to save time on social media here. 

Curated content is a link to content created by others, often articles. The trick is choosing articles of interest to your followers, so curated content for coaches is likely to include pieces on emotional wellbeing. For example, they might be articles on managing anxiety or how to address stress. Or how to improve the relationship with your boss. Or ideas on an individual can look after their own mental wellbeing.

Articles on reputable sites are a good choice. There, journalists – who are professional content providers – research, write and edit the content. Usually, several people are involved in making sure the quality is right before publication. So that means they’re well-produced and informative pieces of writing, aimed at people like your customers-to-be. And you can tap into all that effort.


Bask in the glory of curated content


By sharing articles that resonate with your followers – ones that address pain points or interests – you’re engaging and supporting people. Even better, when you share a helpful piece of content, you gain some of the glory – even though you didn’t write it.

Also, when you share others’ content, it gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with the source of the content. That’s usually the publication or even the writer. It needn’t be hard – it’s as easy as tagging them into the post or tweet. When they respond, you come on to the radar of more people.  And as they are likely to have a sizeable following, that’s good news for you.

So, have I piqued your interest? If you want more reasons why curated content  – in essence, links to content created by others – is so powerful for coaches and counsellors, then read on.

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