If you’re a life coach, executive coach or psychotherapist, the chances are that you’re a solopreneur.  That means that you’re IT support, business development department, finance and operations, as well as marketing director. And all that on top of your core business – that’s a big ol’ job!  Microbusinesses often find it hard to justify outsourcing social media marketing because they don’t see the return on investment.  But the need for social media marketing for coaches and others doesn’t disappear. And there are only 24 hours in a day.

I created Sixty Second Social especially for that group of professionals. They recognise the need to be sharing quality content on social media but don’t have the time to find it and write the posts.   In a nutshell, Sixty Second Social helps boost social media marketing for coaches, life coaches and counsellors. Read on to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the service.

What is Sixty Second Social?

It’s helping coaching and counselling businesses to grow their client base with handpicked social media content. Every month, you receive a handpicked selection of links to relevant content from around the globe. The links are accompanied by posts that you can tailor to your business. You then upload and schedule the content for the month in under half an hour.

How does this differ from a social media manager?

It’s the same in so far as a social media manager will also find content for you. But many solopreneurs and microbusinesses find it hard to justify the spend on a social media manager. This gives you professional post writing without the price tag – and you are in control of your own accounts.

Why do I need third-party content on social media?

If you don’t have it, you appear spammy to your prospective clients and spam is enormously off-putting. If you want to run social media platforms that bring customers and money to your business then you need lots of fresh content that adds value to your audience, engages them and reminds potential clients of your presence – without being spammy.

How long does it take each month to put the content on social media?

As little as half an hour each month, if you’re using the content as it is and you use a social media scheduling tool (I’ll show you which ones I recommend and how to use them). You also have the option of editing the posts, which takes as little or as long as you choose.

If I use this service, won’t I have the same social media content as a lot of other coaches?

No. I show you how to shuffle the content so it will be going out on different days and times. Plus you choose the posts that work for your audience and edit those that you wish to change.  You’ll also be mixing Sixty Second Social posts with your promotional branded content – such as memes and testimonials – and engaging with others on a regular basis by retweeting and sharing others’ content. The result is a unique, professionally-curated social media feed that’s yours and yours alone.

Do I need to be techy?

Nope. I hate wrangling with new tech – it gives me the rage – and I know I’m not the only one who finds it challenging. So, to make it super-easy for you, I show you exactly what to do so you don’t waste time trying to work it out. I’ve created a series of short videos that show you exactly what to do and how to do it in a step-by-step guide. If I can do it then anyone can do it!

Do I need to use all the posts?

No, choose the ones that speak to your specific audience, and delete or edit the others. I guide you through this with quick and easy videos to show you how to do it.

Surely I can find curated content myself?

Yes, you can. But it takes time to find the right content and then even more time to write the posts to go with it. This is the fastest way to get that done.

Do I need to use a social media scheduling tool?

It’s not essential, but it is recommended and you will need it if you want to do it in under 30 minutes. I show you the recommended tools, free and paid-for, to make it as simple as possible to choose one.

Is it just for Twitter?

No, you can use it on any social media platform that is made for sharing third-party content such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, Sixty Second Social is especially effective for wellbeing businesses on Twitter, a fast-moving platform that gobbles content. Given the speed of Twitter, it’s recommended that you tweet more often than you would post on other social media networks – and that means you need a lot more tweets going out. Curated content helps you boost the number of tweets whilst also adding value to your audience.

Am I tied in for a certain length of time?

No. Your subscription is monthly and you can cancel it at any time.

What if I don’t have the time to do this?

If you want social media that works for your business, it requires time – there’s no way around it. This is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get the right content onto your platforms and on to the newsfeeds of your potential clients.

I can’t justify spending money on this. Why should I pay for social media when it’s free?

This saves you money. If you don’t buy this, you have three options:

1 – you can do nothing in which case your social media won’t bring you any business, and that costs you money.
2 – you do it yourself. But your time is money so it will still come at a price.
3 – hire someone to do it for you, which costs more.

This is the cheapest way to get social media marketing in a way that works for your business.

Still got questions? Then drop me a line at julie@ohmywordsocialmedia.com


Need more help with your social media? Take a look at my bespoke services or Sixty Second Social

Sixty Second Social is tailor-made for coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists, and anyone working in the mental health sphere. It provides you with fresh content, curated from around the globe, each month. From £27 per month, you get links to relevant articles, together with the ready-written posts. All you have to do is upload it. In under 30 minutes each month – or 60 seconds a day, hence the name – you’ll schedule content on your social media accounts for the month ahead.  Or, if you prefer, I can do it for you, saving you even more time. Yay!