Summer’s on its way – hooray!  Plan ahead so you can tap into these awareness days, ideal for counsellors and coaches to use on their social media.

Awareness days are great for boosting your brand and getting in front of new audiences.  Plan ahead so that when you’re scheduling your content, you include the relevant hashtags on posts going out on that day.  Make a note in your diary for the days and weeks that will resonate most with your followers and potential clients and use the hashtag when you engage that day.

Do you have any created content that could be re-shared with the hashtag? Do it!

The first step, though, is working out which days fit your business best.  I’ve gone through all the awareness days for June and picked out those that best suit coaches and psychotherapists. The days featured have a wellbeing slant or lend themselves to one.


Awareness days for coaches & counsellors – June 2021


Post-traumatic Stress Awareness Month – #PostTraumaticStressDisorderAwarenessMonth

Great Outdoors Month – #GreatOutdoorsMonth

Pride Month – #PrideMonth #Pride

Care for Your Grandparents Month –  #CareForYourGrandparentsMonth

Camping Month – #CampingMonth

Audiobook Month – #AudioBookMonth

1 June

Say Something Nice Day – #SaySomethingNiceDay

Go Barefoot Day – #GoBarefootDay

Global Day of Parents – #GlobalDayofParents

2 June

Running Day – #RunningDay

Leave the Office Earlier Day -#LeaveTheOfficeEarlierDay

3 June

World Bicycle Day – #WorldBicycleDay

Repeat Day -#RepeatDay

4 June

Hug Your Cat Day – #HugYourCatDay

Old Maid’s Day – #OldMaidsDay

5 June

Co-working Day – #CoworkingDay

6 June  

Gardening Exercise Day – #GardeningExerciseDay

Cancer Survivors Day – #CancerSurvivorsDay

7 June 

Thank God It’s Monday Day  –  #ThankGodItsMondayDay

British Heart Week – #BritishHeartWeek

8 June

Best Friends Day – #BestFriendsDay

World Oceans Day – #WordOceansDay

Upsy Daisy Day – #UpsyDaisyDay

12 June

Worldwide Knit in Public Day – #WorldwideKnitInPublicDay #WWKIPD #KnitInPublicDay

Loving Day (US) – #LovingDay

14-20 June

Loneliness Awareness Week – #LetsTalkLoneliness

Men’s Health Week – #MensHealthWeek

Meet a Mate Week (US) – #MeetAMateWeek

14 June

Drink Wine Day – #DrinkWineDay

International Bath Day – #BathDay

15 June

Elder Abuse Awareness Day – #ElderAbuseAwarenessDay

Smile Power Day – #SmilePowerDay

16 June

Fresh Veggies Day – #FreshVeggiesDay

17 June

Eat Your Vegetables Day – #EatYourVegetablesDay

18 June

Autistic Pride Day – #AutisticPrideDay

International Picnic Day – #PicnicDay

Take Back the Lunch Break Day – #TakeBacktheLunchBreakDay

International Panic Day – #PanicDay

19 June

Sauntering Day – #SaunteringDay

20 June

World Productivity Day – #ProductivityDay

Father’s Day (UK) – #FathersDay

21 June

World Wellbeing Week – #WorldWellbeingWeek

World Music Day – #MusicDay

International Yoga Day – #YogaDay

Make Music Day – #MakeMusicDay

Summer Solstice – #SummerSolstice

Global MND Awareness Day – #ALSMNDWithoutBorders

22 June

Positive Media Day – #PositiveMediaDay

23 June

Let It Go Day – #LetItGoDay

International Widows Day – #WidowsDay

Typewriter Day – #TypewriterDay

24 June

Swim a Lap Day – #SwimaLapDay

25 June

Take Your Dog to Work Day – #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

Please Take My Children To Work Day – #PleaseTakeMyChildrenToWorkDay

27 June

PTSD awareness day – #ptsdawarenessday

28 June

Happy Heart Hugs Day – #HappyHeartHugsDay

30 June

Social Media Day – #SocialMediaDay



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