If you’ve got a draft that’s ready for the next level then I can help ensure it’s in tip top shape. Editing is more than just a grammar and spell check – it’s about readability. It can be difficult to spot problems in your own work, such as the flow or the use of jargon. I can make suggestions to improve them, as a sub-editor would on a publication, to ensure the reader can understand the article easily. Readers are busy and want to understand a piece of writing quickly. What if you’re spending your time and energy on a blog that isn’t having the impact it should because it’s not as readable as you’d hoped?

Do you:

  • Spend a long time on writing something yet it doesn’t seem to gain the attention you’d like?
  • Want an objective eye to ensure your work is as readable as possible?
  • Feel your writing isn’t as powerful as it could be but struggle to put your finger on why?
  • Struggle to express yourself in a jargon-free way that’s easy to follow?

If so, I’ll work with you on your draft article or document opt to improve the flow, readability and quality of your writing and get it ready for publication.