My background in health and business journalism means I write with a readership in mind – in your case, your customers. I have worked on specialist titles for healthcare professionals, such as midwives, GPs and nurses, as well as HR practitioners and more mainstream business articles for the BBC online business pages. If you understand who your audience is and what motivates them then I can write for them, whoever they may be – an HR director looking to buy in wellbeing services or a sleep-deprived parent or an individual struggling with stress.

A business blog worth its salt will engage your customers and boost your business. It shows you are in touch with what your customers want and need, and act as a reminder of how you can help them. It also provides you with shareable content that can be used on social media and improves your website’s search relevance.

I can also ghost-write features and articles for you, such as LinkedIn Articles, which can help establish you as a thought leader, presenting your expertise to professional peers and clients. I write researched pieces of magazine-quality that your followers will want to share.

Do you:

  • Have plenty to say, but no time to write it?
  • Dislike writing or feel it’s not a strength?
  • Find it hard to translate your thoughts into words?
  • Run out of ideas for a blog?
  • Find it difficult to keep your blog lively, interesting and easy to read?
  • Have blogging on your to-do list but never get around to doing it?
  • Feel that writing relevant and shareable content is an uphill struggle?

Ring a bell? If so, I will work with you to create a list of blog / article ideas and write them for you. My background in journalism means I can deliver well-researched concise copy that shows you to be an authority in your field, no matter what it is. If your blog or article involves in-depth knowledge that you want to share, I’ll interview you and translate your thoughts into readable helpful articles that your customers will want to read and share. What’s not to love?