For any business, it is important to nurture potential clients and social media is a great way to do this. As a first step, social media is an effective means of raising awareness of your brand. And then you nurture.

Nurturing is important because, while a minority may be ready to buy your services immediately, the majority won’t be – yet. But in time, that may change.  You build trust by repeatedly appearing on their radar in a way that adds value to their busy lives. How? By sharing relevant content on topics of interest to them. That builds trust in your brand so that, when they ARE ready to invest, they think of you.

Here’s what I’ve achieved with other businesses on social media

  • On LinkedIn, grew followers on the company page by 379% in a year and by 1,867% in two and a half years.
  • On LinkedIn, grew monthly impressions from 0 to 34,908 in 18 months
  • On LinkedIn, grew website referrals by 8,900% in 12 months and 15,200% in 18 months
  • On LinkedIn, grew followers by 7,900% in a month
  • On LinkedIn, grew followers by 988% in 15 months
  • On Twitter, grew website referrals by 1,400% in one month
  • On Twitter, grew website referrals by 2,200% in two months
  • On Twitter, grew followers by 3,650% in four months
  • On Twitter, hit 50k impressions three months after starting a new account from scratch

The online activity for my clients has led to significant leads offline. That includes businesses being approached by chief executives and chief operating officers who had spotted their social media content.  It has also led to invitations to speak at conferences and judge awards. This raised the company profile as well as those of senior individuals at the organisation.

I’ve also used strategic engagement for a business. The outcome was a several-page feature in an international magazine that is read by the target audience.

And, of course, I’ve helped coaches and counsellors attract clients.

I’m here to help you achieve the same, together with a hand-selected team to support me.