Time to check out the best awareness days for coaches and counsellors this April – and there are plenty of them. A biggie worth flagging is that April is stress awareness month. Make the most of that hashtag this month, especially when stress remains a huge problem for many.

Awareness days are a great way to reach new audiences.  Plan ahead so that when you’re scheduling your content, you include the relevant hashtags on posts going out on that day.  Make a note in your diary for the days/weeks that will resonate most with your followers and potential clients. Then, when and use the hashtag when you engage that day/week. Make the most of it!

Also, if you have created content that could be re-shared with the hashtag, then do it. Old content that could be updated and re-posted with the hashtag also works well.

The first step, though, is working out which days fit your business best.  I’ve gone through all the awareness days for April to shortlist them for you. So, here are the best awareness days for coaches and counsellors in April.


Awareness days for life coaches in April 2021


Stress Awareness Month – #StressAwarenessMonth – the theme this year is ‘regaining connectivity, certainty and control’

National Pet Month – #NationalPetMonth

Couple Appreciation Month – #CoupleAppreciationMonth

Poetry Month – #PoetryMonth

Jazz Appreciation Month – #JazzAppreciationMonth


1 April

April Fool’s Day – #AprilFoolsDay

2 April

Walk to Work Day – #WalkToWorkDay

3 April

Find a Rainbow Day – #FindARainbowDay

4 April

Tell A Lie Day – #TellALieDay

Vitamin C Day – #VitaminCDay

7 April

National Walking Day  – #NationalWalkingDay

World Health Day – #WorldHealthDay

No Housework Day – #NoHouseworkDay

10 April

Siblings Day – #SiblingsDay

Homeopathy Awareness Week – #HomeopathyAwarenessWeek #HAW2021

11 April

National Pet Day – #PetDay #NationalPetDay

12 April

Deskfast Day – #DeskfastDay

Walk on your Wild Side Day – #WalkOnYourWildSideDay

13 April

Scrabble Day – #ScrabbleDay

14 April

Day of Pink – #DayOfPink

Look Up at the Sky Day – #LookUpAtTheSkyDay

15 April

High Five Day – #HighFiveDay

That Sucks! Day – #ThatSucksDay #ThatSucks!Day

Take A Wild Guess Day – #TakeAWildGuessDay

World Creativity and Innovation Week (15-21) – #WCIW #WCIW2021 #WCIW21 #IAmCreative

16 April

Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day – #WearYourPyjamasToWorkDay

17 April

Husband Appreciation Day – #HusbandAppreciationDay

19 April

Bicycle Day – #BicycleDay

Poetry and the Creative Mind Day (US) – #PoetryAndTheCreativeMindDay

MS Awareness Week (19-25 April) – #MSWeek

21 April

World Creativity and Innovation Day – #WCID #WCID2021 #WCID21 #IamCreative

Tea Day – #TeaDay

22 April

Thank You Thursday – #ThankYouThursday

Earth Day – #EarthDay

23 April

National Lost Dog Awareness Day – #LostDogAwarenessDay

St George’s Day – #StGeorgesDay

24 April

Scream Day – #ScreamDay

25 April

National Pet Parents Day – #PetParentsDay #NationalPetParentsDay

26 April

Get Organised Day – #GetOrganisedDay #GetOrganizedDay (US)

National Gardening Week (26April – 2 May) – #GardeningWeek #NationalGardeningWeek

27 April

Tell a Story Day – #TellaStoryDay

28 April

Superhero Day – #SuperheroDay

Pay It Forward Day – #PayitForwardDay

Biological Clock Day – #BiologicalClockDay

29 April

On Your Feet Britain Day –  #GetBritainStanding #SitLess #MoveMore

International Dance Day – #DanceDay

World Wish Day (US) – #WishDay #WorldWishDay

30 April

Honesty Day – #HonestyDay


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