A month of content for as little as £19. Sound good? You receive lots of fresh relevant content without spending a lot of time searching for it and writing the posts. 

I find the content for you each month.  You can use all or some of it on your social media platforms as you see fit. It takes 30 minutes to schedule it to enjoy peace of mind for the month ahead. And I share lots of tips on how to improve your business social media.

You’ll know that posting lots of third-party content is really valuable on social media. Depending on the platform, a rule of thumb is that you post 75% curated content to 25% created content – these proportions ensure you’re adding value to your followers and your brand becomes like a sort of virtual coffee shop where they know they’ll get lots of relevant and helpful information. That way, trust in the brand builds so that when they need the services you offer, they think of you.

That is what a social media manager does for you, of course. But there are all sorts of reasons that you may not want to hire a social media manager.

Perhaps you want to retain total control over social media activity or you simply don’t have the budget yet. Whatever the reason, you still need lots of fresh content to post for your followers and that can take time to find – time you might not have or time better spent elsewhere.

I can solve that problem for you by curating content of value to your clients and potential clients so that you can post it whenever and wherever you like, and add your own comment or slant on the piece.