Awareness days for coaches in March 2022, incoming. Here’s the list of the best-fitting awareness days for a mental health business.

Using awareness days is a great way to boost your brand and get in front of new audiences.  The best way to go about it is to:

tick Plan ahead – when you’re scheduling your content, include relevant hashtags on posts going out on awareness days.

tickMake a note in your diary of the days that will resonate most with your potential clients. Then, when it rolls around, use the hashtag when you engage on that day.

tickThink about any content you have already – blogs, graphics or visuals – that could be re-shared with the relevant awareness day hashtag.

The first step, though, is working out which days fit your business best.  I’ve gone through all the awareness days for March 2022 and picked out those that best suit coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists. The days featured have a wellbeing slant or lend themselves to one.


Awareness days for coaches – March 2022


Mindful March on Action for Happiness calendar – #MindfulMarch

Caffeine Awareness Month – #CaffeineAwarenessMonth

International Ideas Month – #InternationalIdeasMonth #IdeasMonth

National Bed Month – #NationalBedMonth

Women’s History Month – #WomensHistoryMonth

Rising Star Month – #RisingStarMonth

Nutrition Month – #NutritionMonth


1 March

Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day – #ShroveTuesday #PancakeDay

St David’s Day – #StDavidsDay

World Compliment Day – #WorldComplimentDay

Zero Discrimination Day – #ZeroDiscriminationDay

RefiredNotRetiredDay – #RefiredNotRetiredDay


3 March

World Book Day – #WorldBookDay


4 March

Employee Appreciation Day – #EmployeeAppreciationDay

Day of Unplugging – #DayOfUnplugging


5 March

Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day – #DissociativeIdentityDisorderAwarenessDay (also known as National Multiple Personality Day)


6-12 March

No More Week – #NoMoreWeek2022 (domestic violence awareness)

National Procrastination Week – #ProcrastinationWeek #NationalProcrastinationWeek


7 March

Be Heard Day  – #BeHeardDay

Plant Power Day – #PlantPowerDay


8 March

International Women’s Day – #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2022 #IWD

Organise / Organize Your Home Office Day – #OrganizeYourHomeOfficeDay


9 March

Get Over It Day – #GetOverItDay

No Smoking Day – #NoSmokingDay


10 March

Day of Awesomeness – #DayOfAwesomeness


13-19 March

Sleep Awareness Week – #SleepAwarenessWeek

Universal Women’s Week – #UniversalWomensWeek


14 March

International Ask a Question Day – #AskAQuestionDay


14-20 March

Nutrition and Hydration Week – #NHweek

Salt Awareness Week – #SaltAwarenessWeek

Brain Awareness Week  – #BrainAwarenessWeek


15 March

True Confessions Day – #TrueConfessionsDay

Napping Day – #NappingDay

World Speech Day – #SpeechDay


16 March

No Selfies Day – #NoSelfiesDay


17 March

St Patrick’s Day – #StPatricksDay #StPatricksDay2022


18 March

Awkward Moments Day – #AwkwardMomentsDay

World Sleep Day – #WorldSleepDay

Companies That Care Day – #CompaniesThatCareDay

Red Nose Day – #RedNoseDay


19 March

Client’s Day – #ClientsDay


20 March

International Day of Happiness – #InternationalDayOfHappiness

World Storytelling Day – #WorldStorytellingDay


21 March

Single Parent Day – #SingleParentDay

National Memory Day – #MemoryDay

Neurodiversity Celebration Week – #NeurodiversityCelebrationWeek


21-27 March

Introverts Week – #IntrovertsWeek


24 March

Flatmate’s Day – #FlatmatesDay


27 March

Mother’s Day (UK) – #MothersDay

Neighbor / NeighbourDay  – #NeighbourDay


30 March

Take a Walk in the Park Day – #TakeAWalkInTheParkDay


31 March

International Transgender Day of Visibility – #TransgenderDayofVisibility #InternationalTransgenderDayofVisibility



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