If you’ve given little thought to your content on social media, then you’re leaving a lot to chance. To attract clients, you need a mix of content on your business social media. And one of the most critical elements of that mix? Curated and created content.

Successful social media business accounts make use of both curated AND created content. Brands that post only created content appear spammy and uninteresting. And those sharing curated content alone will miss out on converting followers into customers, as research shows.

But combine curation with creation and your business has a powerful mix that will engage and nurture your clients and help you attract new customers.

For those new to social media, the terms curated and created content may need clarification. So here’s a quick explanation of what’s what when it comes to curation and creation.

CONTENT CURATION – what is it, anyway?

The word curator is commonly associated with museums. In that context, curators select items of interest to exhibit in museums.

So it is on social media.

You are sharing relevant content from other sources – curated content – because it will resonate with your audience. Do it even if it doesn’t relate to a service you offer. Why?  Followers value the content. And, because there is no direct benefit to you whether or not they read it, you improve your brand’s reputation. It builds trust with your followers as well as promoting a sense that you share the same values as them.

Crucially, it also keeps you in their newsfeed. They are reminded of you repeatedly and consistently. So when they’re ready to buy the service you offer, you come to mind.

post-it notes with content written on themFor example, say you’re a life coach. People may not be ready to buy your service when you first start posting. After all, most of your prospective clients won’t be at that point, regardless of what you post.

But by consistently and repeatedly adding value to their lives through the content you share, trust will build. And so when they do want to invest in life coaching, they think of you.


Created content is also essential because that’s promotional and tells your audience about your business. It’s any content branded with your logo, colours and fonts, which is selling your business and services.

So, what are examples of created content? Memes or inspirational quotes, branded images and testimonials from satisfied clients. Also blog posts that you share and short videos about your business. That includes ‘lives’ where you live stream to your audience on a social media platform. Then there are stories (a series of images), GIFs and infographics. Essentially, it’s any content that tells your customers about your business and why they should buy from you.

Created content takes more time to put together, and that’s why sharing curated content is such a boost to your social media. It helps to keep it busy and fresh with much less time investment and simultaneously adding value to your followers.

But the good news is that you can recycle your created content so long as it’s not done too often. Change the wording of your post slightly each time to freshen it. This is especially important if you’re on Twitter because you want to avoid the account being suspended for spamming.

In conclusion, it’s a bit like meeting someone in real life. If all you do is talk about yourself then it becomes uncomfortable and awkward, fast. Those with better social skills will place their focus outside themselves and share stories of interest with the person they’re talking to.

Make social media about your audience, rather than your business, and you are on the right road. That means hitting the sweet spot between curated and created content, which will grow followers, engagement, and attract new business. Result!


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