Time to check out the best awareness days for coaches and counsellors this May – and there are plenty of them. Not one but two important weeks to flag this month. First up is Mental Health Awareness Week starting on 9 May.  Then, hot on its heels, International Coaching Week on 16 May. And, if you’re an executive coach, you won’t want to miss the awareness day on 1 May, though it falls on a Sunday this year.

Awareness days are a great way to reach new audiences.  Plan ahead so that when you’re scheduling your content, you include the relevant hashtags on posts going out on that day.  Make a note in your diary for the days/weeks that will resonate most with your followers and potential clients. Then, use the hashtag when you engage that day/week – make the most of it and get yourself in front of new people.

Also, if you have created content that could be re-shared with the hashtag, then do it. Old content that could be updated and re-posted with the hashtag also works well.

I’ve gone through all the awareness days for May 2022 and picked out those that best suit coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists. The days featured have a wellbeing slant or lend themselves to one.


Awareness days for life coaches in May 2022


National Walking Month – #WalkThisMay #NationalWalkingMonth


1 May

Executive Coaching Day – #ExecutiveCoachingDay

Pilates Day  – #PilatesDay

Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day – #TherapeuticMassageAwarenessDay

Global Love Day – #GlobalLoveDay

World Laughter Day – #WorldLaughterDay


2 – 6 May  

Dying Matters Awareness Week – #DMAW22


3 May

National Garden Meditation Day – #GardenMeditationDay #NationalGardenMeditationDay


6 May 

No Diet Day – #NoDietDay

National Beverage Day – #NationalBeverageDay


7 May

Join Hands Day – #JoinHandsDay


9 – 15 May

Mental Health Awareness Week (theme is loneliness) – #mhaw #mhaw2022

National Marriage Week – #MarriageWeek #MarriageWeek2022


11 May

World Ego Awareness Day – #EgoAwarenessDay

Eat What You Want Day – #EatWhatYouWantDay


12 May

International Nurses’ Day – #IND2022 #NursesDay


13 May

Public Gardens Day – #PublicGardensDay


15 May

International Day of Families – #InternationalFamilyDay #IDOF2022


16 May

Drawing Day – #DrawingDay

National Children’s Day UK – #NCDUK #NCDUK22


16 – 20 May

Walk to School Week – #WalkToSchoolWeek #PowerUp


16 – 22 May

International Coaching Week (theme is reimagine the future) – #ICW22 #ICW2022 #internationalcoachingweek

Learning at Work Week – #LearningatWorkWeek

Dementia Action Week – #DementiaActionWeek

National Vegetarian Week – #NationalVegetarianWeek


17 May

Work From Home Day – #WorkFromHomeDay

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia – #DayAgainstHomophobiaTransphobiaandBiphobia #DayAgainstHomophobia


18 May 

Visit Your Relatives Day – #VisitYourRelativesDay


20 May

World Meditation Day – #WorldMeditationDay


24 May

Brother’s Day – #BrothersDay


25 May

Geek Pride Day – #GeekPrideDay


30 May

Water a Flower Day – #WateraFlowerDay


31 May

No Tobacco Day – #NoTobaccoDay


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