August used to be called the silly season in the national press and this month’s awareness days have one or two nods to that moniker.  In fairness, there are always a good number of silly awareness days no matter what month it is.   The less silly August awareness days for life coaches and counsellors are listed below so you can make use of them on your social media. Even Banana Day – healthy body equals healthy mind and all that.

As you’ll know, using the hashtag for awareness days is an effective way to get in front of new audiences.  And they’re great for boosting your brand.  Plan ahead so that when you’re scheduling your content, you include the relevant hashtags on posts going out on that day.  Make a note in your diary for the days and weeks that will resonate most with your followers and potential clients. And, when you engage that day, remember to use the hashtag.

Do you have any created content that could be re-shared with the hashtag? Make the most of it by posting it again with the relevant hashtag. The same goes for curated content – add the hashtag for the day and post it again. If you’re looking for other quick wins on social media, this shares a few more.

The first step, though, is working out which days fit your business best.  I’ve gone through all the awareness days for August and picked out those that best suit life coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists. The days featured have a wellbeing slant or lend themselves to one.

Happiness Happens Month – #HappinessHappensMonth

Romance Awareness Month – #RomanceAwarenessMonth

1 August

Sister’s Day (US) – #SistersDay

National GirlFriend Day (US) – #GirlfriendDay #NationalGirlfriendDay

Planner Day – #PlannerDay

Respect for Parents Day (US)  – #RespectforParentsDay

Psychic Day – #PsychicDay

International Childfree Day – #InternationalChildfreeDay #ChildfreeDay

4 August

Single Working Women’s Day – #SingleWorkingWomensDay

5 August

Work Like A Dog Day – #WorkLikeADogDay

Blogger Day – #BloggerDay

6 August

Cycle to Work Day – #CycletoWorkDay

Wiggle Your Toes Day – #WiggleYourToesDay

Balloons to Heaven Day – #BalloonsToHeavenDay

7 August

Lighthouse Day – #LighthouseDay

Sandcastle Day – #SandcastleDay

Professional Speakers Day – #ProfessionalSpeakersDay

8 August

International Cat Day – #InternationalCatDay

Happiness Happens Day – #HappinessHappensDay

9 August

National Book Lovers’ Day – #BookLoversDay

10 August

National Lazy Day – #LazyDay

12 August

International Youth Day – #InternationalYouthDay

13 August

Blame Someone Else Day – #BlameSomeoneElseDay

14 August

National Relaxation Day – #NationalRelaxationDay

16 August

National Tell A Joke Day – #NationalTellaJokeDay #TellaJokeDay

18 August

Never Give Up Day – #NeverGiveUpDay

19 August

World Photo Day – #WorldPhotoDay

21 August

World Entrepreneurs’ Day – #WorldEntrepreneursDay

25 August

Kiss and Make Up Day – #KissAndMakeUpDay

26 August

Dog Day – #DogDay

27 August

Banana Lovers Day – #BananaLoversDay

29 August

Individual Rights Day – #IndividualRightsDay

30 August

Grief Awareness Day – #GriefAwarenessDay

31 August

Overdose Awareness Day – #OverdoseAwarenessDay



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