There are lots of awareness days for counsellors this September. Same goes for coaches and therapists and anyone working in the mental health space.  Psychotherapists even get their own day this month – Psychotherapist Day falls on 25 September. Another prominent one is suicide prevention – September is suicide prevention month and there is also suicide prevention day on 10 September.

There are plenty of other awareness days for counsellors in September too – Positive Thinking Day (13th), Day of Encouragement (12th), and, for those working with young people, Youth Mental Health Day (7th).  For productivity coaches, check out Fight Procrastination Day on 6th September.

As you’ll know, using the hashtag for awareness days is an effective way to get in front of new audiences.  And they’re great for boosting your brand.  Plan ahead so that when you’re scheduling your content, you include the relevant hashtags on posts going out on that day.  Make a note in your diary for the days and weeks that will resonate most with your followers and potential clients. And, when you engage that day, remember to use the hashtag.

Do you have any created content that could be re-shared with the hashtag? Make the most of it by posting it again with the relevant hashtag. The same goes for curated content – add the hashtag for the day and post it again. If you’re looking for other quick wins on social media, this shares a few more.

The first step, though, is working out which days fit your business best.  I’ve gone through all the awareness days for September and picked out those that best suit life coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists. Check them out below.


Oddfellows Friendship Month – #OddfellowsFriendshipMonth #FriendshipMonth

Festival of Learning Month – #FestivalofLearning2021

Self-care September – #SelfcareSeptember

Read a New Book Month – #ReadANewBookMonth

Suicide Prevention Month – #SuicidePreventionMonth

1 September

Letter Writing Day – #LetterWritingDay

Global Talent Acquisition Day – #GlobalTalentAcquisitionDay

3 September

Bring Your Manners to Work Day – #BringYourMannerstoWorkDay

4 September

Wildlife Day – #WildlifeDay

5 September

National Read a Book Day – #NationalReadABookDay

Be Late for Something Day – #BeLateforSomethingDay

6 September

Fight Procrastination Day – #FightProcrastinationDay

7 September 

Youth Mental Health Day – #YMHD #YMHD2021 #YMHD21

Buy a Book Day – #BuyABookDay

8 September

Pardon Day – #PardonDay

QuietDay – #QuietDay

9 September

Wonderful Weirdos Day – #WonderfulWeirdosDay

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day – #FASD

10 September

World Suicide Prevention Day – #SuicidePreventionDay

Swap Ideas Day – #SwapIdeasDay

11 September

No News is Good News Day – #NoNewsisGoodNewsDay

12 September

Hug Your Hound Day – #HugYourHoundDay

Video Games Day – #VideoGamesDay

Grandparents Day – #GrandparentsDay

National Day of Encouragement (US) – #NationalDayofEncouragement #DayOfEncouragement

13 September

Boss/Employee Exchange Day – #BossEmployeeExchangeDay

Hug Your Boss Day – #HugYourBossDay

Positive Thinking Day – #PositiveThinkingDay

13-19 September

Sexual Health Week – #SexualHealthWeek #SHW2021

16 September

Working Parents Day – #WorkingParentsDay

Stepfamily Day – #StepfamilyDay

Teenager Workout Day – #TeenagerWorkoutDay

18 September

Locate an Old Friend Day – #LocateAnOldFriendDay

First Love Day – #FirstLoveDay

Respect Day – #RespectDay

Eat an Apple Day – #EatAnAppleDay

19 September

Wife Appreciation Day – #WifeAppreciationDay

20 September

International Day of Peace – #DayofPeace

International Week of Happiness at Work (Mon 20 – Fri 24 Sept) – #WeekOfHappinessatWork

21 September

World Gratitude Day – #GratitudeDay

Get Ready Day – #GetReadyDay

22 September

Business Women’s Day – #BusinessWomensDay

Dear Diary Day – #DearDiaryDay

23 September

Remember Me Thursday – #RememberMeThursday

Celebrate Bisexuality Day – #CelebrateBisexualityDay

24 September

Love Note Day – #LoveNoteDay

25 September

Psychotherapy Day –  #PsychotherapyDay

World Dream Day – #DreamDay

Better Breakfast Day – #BetterBreakfastDay

26 September

Human Resource Professional Day – #HRProfessionalDay  #HumanResourceProfessionalDay

27 September

Family Day – #FamilyDay

Ancestor Appreciation Day – #AncestorAppreciationDay

28 September

Good Neighbour/Neighbor Day – #GoodNeighbourDay #GoodNeighborDay

29 September

World Heart Day – #HeartDay

30 September

Ask a Stupid Question Day – #AskAStupidQuestionDay

International Podcast Day – #PodcastDay #InternationalPodcastDay

Rumi Day – #RumiDay



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