Hashtags for the days of the week are enormously popular and consistently trend, so make the most of them. If you’re using Sixty Second Social, the chances are that you upload all your content for the month ahead. You could add the relevant hashtag for the days of the week when you schedule, but that will take more time. So, to keep life simple, I’d suggest using the days of the week hashtags when you’re engaging, which you’ll be doing every day (or should be).  If you’re on Twitter, you can retweet content – even your tweets that have already gone out – and add the relevant hashtag.

Hashtags are perfect for Twitter and Instagram. They are increasingly useful on LinkedIn too. The jury is out on how helpful they are on Facebook.

Twitter’s research found that tweets with hashtags increase engagement – clicks, retweets, likes, and replies – for individuals and brands. As Sendible summarises: tweets with hashtags can increase engagement by almost 100% (2x) for individuals and 50% (1.5x) for brands.

Using trending hashtags will help your tweets reach new audiences. Of course, trending hashtags change according to what’s going on in the world. But every week without fail, the hashtags for days of the week will be trending. It would be mad not to tap into that.  Using these hashtags will significantly boost your engagement and brand visibility.

Days of the week hashtags for coaches and counsellors

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Most of the days of the week hashtags work well for any industry, but some are a perfect fit with coaching and counselling businesses.


#MotivationMonday or #MondayMotivation

Get the working week off to a cracking start with these hashtags. They’re all about sharing motivation with your followers, helping to ensure the mindset is right for the week ahead. The content that belongs to these hashtags offers advice or inspiration. Created posts might be motivational quotes, and curated articles could be mindset-related or positive psychology or upbeat stories.


If mindfulness is a practice that you know to be beneficial, this is the hashtag to use. Share tips on how to be more mindful. Or ask your followers how they plan to practise mindfulness in the week ahead.


Are you sending out promotional content for your business? Add this hashtag to it.

#MondayMood or #MondayBlues

Mondays can feel like an uphill struggle as everyone changes gear after the weekend. You may want to share content to counteract the Monday blues, tips on how to alleviate the doldrums or curated content that lends itself well to this hashtag. Or, of course, you could embrace the knowledge that many find Monday hard and address it with humour.  Also, a #MondayMood doesn’t need to be a downbeat one. Maybe your #MondayMood is high energy and excited for the week ahead.


A spot of nostalgia to start the week. Share an inspirational view from a past holiday or professional success or anniversary from the past.



The motivational trend continues. It’s not alliterative like Monday’s hashtag, but it’s a popular hashtag all the same.


Whatever the vibes are today – good, bad or in between – this is the hashtag to use.

#TuesdayTrivia or #TriviaTuesday

This is the hashtag for any bits of trivia you want to share with your followers. It might be on mental health and coaching in general – an anniversary or fact about an aspect of your industry. Or the trivia could be about your business or you. What can you share that nobody might guess about you?


This is a popular hashtag for personal trainers who can show off the physical changes in their clients.  But it’s equally applicable to mental health.  Perhaps you have a case study or testimonial in which a client explains the transformation they’ve gone through as a result of working with you. If so, this is the hashtag for you.  You can also use this hashtag to talk about how your business has evolved since you started it.


Whatever your thoughts are on anything, if it’s a Tuesday, then this is your hashtag.


Share your wisdom with your followers. What tips can you offer that might help them? It’s a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

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Any wellbeing content going out on a Wednesday should use this hashtag. It’s a popular one so make use of it.


Speaks for itself. If you have any nuggets of support left from #TipTuesday, then share it on #Wednesday Wisdom.



What or who are you grateful for? Maybe it’s the natural world looking resplendent on your early morning dog walk or the coffee in your favourite mug.  Or you could also use it to express gratitude to someone who’s helped your business or you over the past few days.


This one is the same as #TuesdayThoughts, just a bit later in the week.

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT

Share a picture of your business or a photo of you from the past. Perhaps it’s a rediscovered photo from years ago of former colleagues or uni friends. Tag them if they’re on social media. It might be a snap from when you redesigned your home office. Or an old photo of the building or city in which you see clients. The options are endless.

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#FeelGoodFriday, #Friyay, #FridayVibes

The weekend is just around the corner so lots of feel-good photos or quotes. Share the Friday celebrations that the working week is nearly over.


An opportunity to share a meme or story about overcoming challenges or fear.


This one is much like #TBT and #MondayMemories. Except it’s on Friday. Obviously.

#FollowFriday or #FF

Find some new people to follow and use this hashtag. They may follow back.



This one is for a shout-out to your connections or peers or all your followers.


An opportunity for engagement – ask a question of your followers so you can all get to know one another better.



Share what it is that you’re doing today to unwind and recharge your batteries.  It shows the person behind the business and gives followers an insight into what makes you tick.


What book or article do you recommend as a good read? Perhaps you have a recent blog post that you’d like to share. Or ask your followers for their recommendations.



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